The contactless payment solution for Out of Home advertising and brick-and-mortar stores!

Bridging online and offline worlds


Today merchants cannot convert people from their printed posters, from an advert in a magazine or a TV commercial. They cannot convert people from a closed shop window or when the queue is too long at their entrance. In addition, merchants cannot convert people who want to pay by invoice or installments in their store without going through a time consuming process.


Elkypay transforms all of the above problems into conversion and monetization opportunities. We provide an extremely fast contactless payment solution by making use of the latest dynamic NFC, Beacon and QR code technologies. The solution enables buyers to use their favorite payment method through a one-click purchase procedure, without any additional app or registration. Elkypay turns posters, billboards, magazines, cafe table tops and flyers into ‘virtual boutiques’ that let consumers order and pay with their mobile phone, all without any additionally costly hardware. Sellers can sign up through a very simple procedure, and once part of the Elkypay network, they gain important insight on their customers previously unavailable in the physical retail world, enabling attractive re-marketing and profiling opportunities.

Competitive advantages

  • Elkypay is completely transparent as to what the payment method the buyer wants to use. It can be PayPal, Klarna, Swish, etc.
  • Buyers do not need to install any app, and they do not need to make any registration. Instant purchase is possible.
  • Merchants can register in minutes by simply entering their Bankgiro number. In their account’s dashboard they can choose any of the different payment methods for their buyers to use. We handle all the integration and agreements for them.
  • Enables customer insight and remarketing.
  • Elkypay can be integrated into the merchant’s PoS system.

Payment offering


  • The merchant selects one or many payment methods upon registration. He then enters the credentials for each specific method. This implies an agreement for each and every one.

Remark: Our goal is to make the merchant only enters his bank account information and Elkypay takes care of the rest.

  • The buyer selects one payment method upon payment.

Use cases

Business Model

  • We charge merchants a small startup fee upon registration and a fraction of the transactions.
  • For charities and creative crowdfunding campaigns, Elkypay is not charging any fees.
  • Big data and targeting

Market Facts

  • The volume of NFC transactions is estimated to increase from 4.6 billion EUR in 2014 to 53.8 billion in 2018 (source: IDATE).
  • New EU directive changing the rules for mobile payment providers.
  • “We expect the offline offering to potentially outgrow our online business,” Sebastian Siemiatkowski, Klarna’s CEO, said in an interview with the WSJ.
  • “It saves our customers time by enabling them to avoid the lines and waiting for the orders to be filled, resulting in shorter lines, faster service and improved in-store execution and an elevated experience” Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks.


  • Out of Home Advertisers.
  • Event organizers.
  • Attraction Parks and Entertainment companies.
  • Brick-and-mortar stores (Omni channel distribution strategy).




Klarna Instore

Powa Technologies


Buyer must install an app





Buyer must create an account





API integration needed





Payment methods

Credit card via SEQR app


Credit card via PowaTag app

Klarna, Swish, PayPal

Other payment methods




Unlimited for other countries

Technology used

NFC and QR


NFC and QR

NFC QR and Beacon*

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