IoT Middleware

ATCS stands for Amundi Technologies Control and Supervision.

Amundi Technologies Control and Supervision is an overall M2M solution for managing in real time operations in manufacturing, logistics and retail. It is the ultimate tool for integrating all business processes and machines such as Robots, Palletizers, Conveyors, RFID systems in addition to other types of equipment.

ATCS is designed for easy monitoring and execution of all types of business processes from supply chain management to production and delivery.

Furthermore ATCS can be equipped with customized features for advanced RFID identification systems for real time traceability. All these services are managed with high functionality and by easy operations.

ATCS includes several features for real time traceability. All these services are managed with a high level of availability and ease of use.

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  • A scalable architecture to integrate new features as needed. The architecture was designed to meet real-time production environments.
  • The reliability of our solution is guaranteed thanks to the quality of the technology and equipment being used. The modularity of the system allows if needed to increase the speed of the system by adding hardware components.
  • The architecture of our solutions can be adapted to fit the organization and constraints of each company (modular design).

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Amundi Technologies has offices in:

  • Uppsala - Sweden
  • Casablanca - Morocco
  • Puteaux - France
  • Libreville - Gabon