Check weigher

Pre-manufactured products, before being placed in sale, are generally weighed an priced based on their specific cost. This repetitive job can be carried out in a completely automatic way, saving much time and obtaining much accurate results with constant quality.

The range of checkweighers Nemesis HSC350 supplies to this function weighing in automatic way every single confection and applying delicately the adhesive label.

The range of checkweighers are the answer, integrated in one multifunction machine, to numerous needs of the modern industry; For example, Nemesis HSC350 is in position to execute the following functions :

  • Check weighing with statistics complying with European laws in force.
  • Out of range products rejection with 2 or more reject lines using pneumatic ejector or air-push ejector system.
  • Labeling with fixed or variable values.
  • Continuous operation without stopping the production.

Thanks to the integration of other devices, as vision systems, metal detectors or other quality control devices, our offer proposes as a pivot of the online quality check automation.

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