Practical ways to use Elkytag

  • At home - Give others access to your Wi-Fi.

  • In the Car - Turn on Google Maps and send an SMS to your wife.

  • On the bedside table - Fall asleep and to finally wake up in time.

  • Smart Business cards - Program a business card ready to be scanned by others.

  • Smart Posters - Use Elkytag to engage your customers through creative marketing.

There is more fun and practical stuff you can do with Elkytag!

Your Smartphone can be programmed to perform multiple tasks you want at a touch.

Business applications

  • Using Elkytag to Open Swish, Fill In the form and confirm payment.

  • Using Elkytag in Business Cards, CV and other printed materials.

  • Using Elkytag in Restaurants and coffee shops (Ready to Have The Bill).

  • Using Elkytag for customer satisfaction survey or rating on Yelp.

Simply convenient!

Launch apps or change settings on your phone with just a tap

Let's Start

  1. Enable NFC on your Smartphone by going to ’Settings’ > ’More Settings’ > NFC.
  2. Install the Elkytag app from Google Play.
  3. Open Elkytag app.
  4. Create your own task and place your Smartphone over the Elkytag to program it.
  5. To activate the programmed task unlock your Smartphone and simply place it over the Elkytag.

Elkytag pack

Elkytag Pack contains 5 programmable NFC Elkytags compatible with all NFC Enabled Smartphones.

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