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You know that in any business, information is power. Being able to track assets effectively, reducing the time to hold onto stock, and monitoring the
flow of work in progress can save capital and improve delivered quality.
But sometimes capturing the right information at the right time is expensive. It can take too long to get the data needed and it can be difficult to
make use of it when it counts.
That is where RFID technology can help you!
RFID tags come in many shapes, standards and sizes but they all do the same job. They tell you what things are.
RFID Readers interact with the tags to collect information like where things are.
So you can track individual components on the assembly line, verify individual steps in the production process, make testing and quality control, and
follow completed goods, pallets and even items being sold or returned under warranty. This technology is used in libraries, manufacturing, logistics,
airports and Point of sales. It is used to identify and track everything from parts of an airplane, luggage in an airport to animals, books or animals.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a worldwide leading group specialized in innovative IoT.

By delivering both modular and easy to use RFID and NFC solutions for real time control and supervision, we aim to help companies and public organizations enter the new age of Internet of Things.

Our Mission

Amundi Technologies AB is a system integrator company, specialized in IoT (Internet of Things), providing real time data via multiple acquisition channels, and converting the data into valuable knowledge.

Our mission is to simplify the usage of IoT by targeting small and medium sized enterprises, and making IoT essential for the ordinary consumer.

To achieve the above, our strategy is to build turnkey solutions for logistic, manufacturing, and retail companies.

Our Team

Our teams of experts have many years of experience in software integration, project management and onsite installation for complex projects around the world of millions of Swedish crowns.

We offer traceability, visibility though real time information systems and state of the art RFID solutions.

Amundi Technologies History

  • 2010: Amundi Technologies HB was founded
  • 2011: Strategic partnership with Alien Technology Corp.
  • 2011: First RFID Pilot Project at Nice Garment
  • 2014: Amundi Technologies HB became Amundi Technologies AB
  • 2014: Amundi Technologies Gabon was founded
  • 2015: Amundi Technologies Morocco was founded


  • The abbreviation RFID stands for «Radio Frequency Identification». The abbreviation NFC stands for «Near Field Communication» which is an RFID standard for short distance reading. NFC technology is today available in most of Android and Windows smartphones.
  • This technology can identify an object, follow its path and know its features thanks to a tag emitting radio waves, attached or incorporated within. the object. RFID technology allows multiple reading of RFID tags without direct contact through thin layers of materials.
  • A complete solution consists of RFID tags, readers and a software solution (middleware). The latter allows integrating the flow of data within the company’s information system.
  • The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical objects—devices, vehicles, buildings and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity—that enables these objects to collect and exchange data.

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Amundi Technologies has offices in:

  • Uppsala - Sweden
  • Casablanca - Morocco
  • Puteaux - France
  • Libreville - Gabon