A word from the CEO

Dear visitors,

My name is Walid Rohaimi, and I am the CEO of Amundi Technologies.

I graduated in 2007 with two masters in Computer Science from Jönköping University and Information Systems applied to decision making from Université de Technologies de Troyes in France.

I am passionate about geopolitics and history of science. In my spare time I play tennis and go to sauna. I love it!

For 7 years, I worked at the Schur Group as a software engineer, Project Manager and later on as an Area Sales Manager in France.

I acquired a great experience working in a demanding business environment - the newspaper printing industry. I conducted projects for the New York Times,The Chicago Tribune, Austin American Statesman, Le Monde, Posten and many others around the world. All I wanted is my name mentioned in the About menu.

In 2013, I quit my very rewarding job and started Amundi Technologies together with my friend Hicham Ezzahiri.

But, before making that decision, I went to Denmark to meet Mr. Hans Schur, the President of the Schur Group (2.9 Billion SEK Turnover per year in 2014) since he was a bit sad watching me leaving. After a nice breakfast at his office, he offered me to keep working for Schur as a consultant and yet supporting me to develop my new business idea.

Amundi Technologies is a system integrator specialized in IoT (Internet of Things), providing real time data via multiple acquisition channels.

We build solutions both for B2B and B2C. Today Amundi Technologies is present in Sweden, France, Morocco and Gabon.

Our team worked hard to develop ATCS* Control and supervision systems, mobile applications, tag applicators and guess what, even a crowd funding platform with 0% commission. In total, 26 people have contributed one way or another to this journey.

So far, we have made several partnerships with hardware providers from USA, UK, Denmark, Sweden, The Netherlands, Italy, France and Finland. We also implement collaborations with Software development firms in France and Sweden.

*ATCS: Amundi Technologies Control and Supervision

Contact Us

Amundi Technologies has offices in:

  • Uppsala - Sweden
  • Casablanca - Morocco
  • Puteaux - France
  • Libreville - Gabon