Smart Posters And Nfc

written: Monday March 21, 2016

What Is A Smart Poster ?

Smart posters combine the visual impact of a traditional poster with the heightened interactivity offered by NFC (near field communication). Consumers with an NFC enabled mobile phone can simply tap to receive interactive content, download vouchers and promotions or engage via social media. At the heart of each smart poster is an NFC tag, a small unpowered electronic device that holds a small amount of data such a web link, text or command. When an NFC-enabled phone is placed in close proximity, typically a few centimeters, it powers the NFC tag and reads the information stored on it.

How Do You Create A Smart Poster ?

A smart poster is created by combining printed media with either a visible or hidden NFC tag, usually in the form of a sticker. Custom Print NFC Tags are available with full colour print and can include branding, promotions or an NFC logo. Once encoded with your desired web address, text or command the NFC sticker can be simply stuck onto the visible face of the poster. A cheaper option is to use a clear or white NFC tag such as the NTAG203 Round 29mm and stick it to the reverse of the poster, aligned to an NFC logo or call to action within the creative.

Great Ways To Use An NFC Enabled Smart Poster

1. Vouchers and Promotions. Mobile vouchers offer a quick and convenient way to incentivise a trial of your product or services. Consumer research identifies vouchers and promotions as the primary reason for interacting with NFC-enabled advertising.
2. Local Information and Directions. It is a common misconception that smart posters are only for big brands and advertisers. Help customers find your business by linking to directions online or provide visitors and tourists with local information.
3. Link to Online Media. Static 2D advertisements are a thing of the past. Better engage your audience by linking to online video and interactive content.
4. Make a Purchase. Consumers are increasingly using their mobile phones to purchase online. Offer the option to 'buy now' or link to further product information.
5. Social Media. Allow customers to instantly 'like' or 'follow' your brand with a simply tap of their phone. If you have something great to offer make it easy for customers to share it online.