The Story Of Bod The Can

written: Sunday August 7, 2016

My name is Bod the Can and I am a body lotion can.
I was born on the 1st of July 2015 in a factory near Stockholm. Like any of my pairs, I was given a unique Identification number, a memory and a wireless capability to communicate with the rest of the world. All these features were embedded into an NFC tag applied to my body.
After some time, I was transported on a pallet with other friends to a new location called Distribution Center. Upon arrival, we passed a gateway, where instantly our new owner could check our identities and make sure that no one of us was missing. We could then share our information and get our memories updated with a new status.
Some days later, I was again transported to a new location called Point of Sales. There, I was placed on a shelve so everyday a person could immediately check that I was still there. It has always been so easy for me to communicate with others!
On a sunny day, a girl called Linda entered the store and saw me there. She took her Smartphone and started a conversation with me. She asked me about my age, my origin and my price. She could even check my profile online just by tapping her phone onto my NFC tag.
It was such an experience for the both of us, so she decided to adopt me. Just by tapping her Smartphone on my NFC tag, she could directly open the checkout page and simply make the payment.
It was so easy to leave the store, since the owner was listening to the whole conversation. He wished me good luck and knew that I was not getting kidnapped since no alarm was triggered at the exit gate.
After some months, my body became weaker so Linda decided to place me on a recycling center. She then used her smartphone and knew exactly in which section I was supposed to be placed on.
It was sad to leave her, but what made me happy was the fact that I met my old friends again on the recycling center!


written: Monday March 21, 2016

Imagine a simple tag that opens you a world of convenience!